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Yearly Archives: 2014

LY Maternity: Kevin + Courtney

Soccer was a huge part of my childhood and teenage years. I played at both the club level and for my high school.

LY Weddings: Nick + Kayla

I love the wintertime. I love snow, all things Christmas-y and the “magic” of the season. So, naturally,

LY Couples: Bob + Jess

You may recognize Jess. A few weeks ago, we met in Shepherdstown to take some new headshots for her website. Jess is a

LY Holiday Sessions: Clayton + Rachel

I love snow days: the scenery, slow pace and peacefulness.  A few years ago, I spent a winter living in Park City,

LY Holiday Sessions: The Jacksons

I’ve been trying to challenge myself lately. As a beginning photographer, there is so much I want to learn: how

LY Engagements: Dan + Brittany

I never realized how this photography business would bring not only new friends into my life, but also old friends +

LY Engagements: Nick & Kayla

I’m telling you, this is such a sweet couple. Kayla and I worked together for a brief time before I left for

LY Senior: Nate Redmond

It always seems like the cold weather comes so suddenly every Fall. Nate’s sunrise session last Saturday was

Jessica May: Shepherdstown Headshots Session

It’s such a small world. Once I tell you this quick story about Jess, you’ll understand a bit more… A

LY Family Session: The Fox Family!

Joe and Rachel are long-time friends of my family and a couple I just love to be around! I’ve always considered

LY Senior: Katie Snyder

I used to joke with Katie that she has more style and class as a teenager than I have as an adult. The scary thing

Family Session: The Reed Family

After a brief blogging hiatus (I’m sorry!! I’ve been so busy chasing around a very busy