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LY Engagements: Madi + Logan

I first met Madi a few years ago when she was a bridesmaid in her best friends wedding that I photographed. One of the

LY Engagements: Jarrett + McKinsey

There’s a funny story that goes along with this session. Well, funny to me; not sweet to Jarrett and McKinsey. A

LY Anniversaries: Aaron + Keren

I’ve said this so many times before, and you’ll probably hear me say it a thousand more times: I have  a GINORMOUS

LY Engagements: Taylor + Jenna

A few years back, I led a small bible study through my church here in Hagerstown. It was small, a little inconsistent

LY Familes: The Salas family…and Steph + Charles

We all have at least one; one of those friends that you’ll always hold close, regardless of the distance or time

LY Engagements: Mike + Kylee

I am so lucky to have grown up very close to my cousins. We share some pretty incredible memories – summer

LY Couples: Bob + Jess

You may recognize Jess. A few weeks ago, we met in Shepherdstown to take some new headshots for her website. Jess is a

LY Holiday Sessions: Clayton + Rachel

I love snow days: the scenery, slow pace and peacefulness.  A few years ago, I spent a winter living in Park City,

LY Engagements: Dan + Brittany

I never realized how this photography business would bring not only new friends into my life, but also old friends +

LY Engagements: Nick & Kayla

I’m telling you, this is such a sweet couple. Kayla and I worked together for a brief time before I left for

Jason + Ali: A Springtime Engagement

You know those people who you meet for the first time and immediately feel comfortable around? Jason and Ali are those