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LY Seniors: Caleb

It’s kind of crazy to me how busy I am these days. Granted..this IS busy season. A photographer I follow posted a

LY Seniors: Alyssa

I always joke with Seniors during their sessions that I’m so far removed from “cool” anymore. Like if a pop/rock

LY Seniors: Ellie

I have so many memories with this girl. You see, Ellie was the first of my thirteen “little cousins” (as I

LY Seniors: Bailey

This girl. THIS GIRL! I can’t say enough about my new friend Bailey. We spent this past Friday evening together

LY Seniors: Abby

If you grew up in my family, chances are you probably played soccer. I played throughout my childhood and all four

LY Senior: Nate Redmond

It always seems like the cold weather comes so suddenly every Fall. Nate’s sunrise session last Saturday was

LY Senior: Katie Snyder

I used to joke with Katie that she has more style and class as a teenager than I have as an adult. The scary thing

Graduate Session: Carlee Harbaugh

After I graduated college in 2008, I spent two summers living and working on Nantucket island off the coast of