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LY Engagements: Mike + Kylee

2015-01-13_0028I am so lucky to have grown up very close to my cousins. We share some pretty incredible memories – summer vacations, late-night games of Kick the Can, and that one time we played King of the Mountain (and Michael came out of it with a broken collarbone!). We’re now adults and we don’t see each other as much as we’d like. We’re spread out across the country and so cherish the few hours out of the year when we’re all together.

Luckily, however, Michael lives close. Kylee came in to the picture a little over a year ago and we’ve grown to love her so much. She’s got a huge heart, loves bunnies, sings beautifully, can make a mean latte, eats Vegan and loves Jesus. She’s the perfect counterpart to Michael and I love her for it.

We’ve known for a while now that Michael wanted to propose to Kylee. He’s had the ring for quite some time, but really wanted to make the proposal perfect. We were sitting at breakfast with him this past Saturday and he started telling us how badly he wanted to propose to Kylee at a sweet little Vegan doughnut shop in Brooklyn, NY – a favorite little spot of theirs when visiting the city. As he finished telling us of the plan, he then said, “yeah, but, I’ll probably just ask her tomorrow.”

But I just knew we had to make this doughnut proposal happen! So we got to work – we devised a plan and booked a hotel. A few hours later, Kylee and I were setting out for New York City! In her mind, she was traveling with me to keep me company since I had to be in NYC for an engagement session of an old high school friend living in the city. (I know, how sweet of her to think I could book a couple in NYC so early in my business, right?!) We arrived late in the evening on Saturday night and checked in to our hotel before heading out to MOB USA – a delectable Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn.

Early the next morning, Steve and Michael set out early for NYC and went straight to Dunwell Doughnuts. After convincing the staff to assist them, they signaled me to bring Kylee. So we made our way there, Kylee believing it was just a brief pitstop on our way to meet my clients. We walked in, eager to see what flavors were available today. Kylee cheerly chimed, “we’d like to get a dozen doughnuts please!” The guy at the counter smirked and as Kylee fumbled with her wallet, he set a doughnut-less box on the counter. Puzzled, Kylee stared at him and then back at the box. Then she noticed it. A sparkly diamond ring lay in the center of the box. She looked back at the guy with a puzzled look when, suddenly, Michael emerged from the back of the shop. He walked around the case of fresh doughnuts, grabbed the ring from the box, and got down on one knee. “Kylee, will you marry me?” She laughed and cried and held her hands over her face and, finally, said yes. It was perfect!

We spent the rest of the morning eating the most delicious doughnuts (Toffee Pistachio was my favorite), sipping coffee, wandering around the city and snapping some portraits. Because I wanted these images to tell a story more than anything, we did minimal posing and lots of candid shots. I hope you love these pictures just as much as I do.

2015-01-13_00012015-01-13_00032015-01-13_00022015-01-13_00042015-01-13_00052015-01-13_0006(notice the guy in the back? He was so eager to share the excitement on Dunwell’s Instagram!)




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  • JamiJanuary 13, 2015 - 7:52 pm

    How charming, Lauren!ReplyCancel

    • LaurenYoungBlogJanuary 17, 2015 - 8:41 pm

      Thank you, Jami! It’s definitely one of my favorite sessions ever. You would LOVEEEE Dunwell Doughnuts – You have to visit if you’re making a NYC trip this year.ReplyCancel