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LY Families: The Bergstroms

You’ve heard me say it before, but life these days is a pretty hectic juggling act: mom duties, laundry, cooking, editing, exercise, more editing, entertaining the kids, shooting, cooking, more editing, toddler tantrums, shooting some more, cleaning, potty training…I sometimes get to the end of the day and wonder if the waking up at 4:30 AM to have some extra time to edit and the late nights is worth it. But the cool thing is that when I’m shooting a session, it really doesn’t even feel like work. It’s such a treat to, even if just for an hour, celebrate and share in the blessing of FAMILY with each of the families I get to work with. I’m so grateful.

Julia and I have been planning her family/maternity session for quite some time. We’ve emailed and texted and had plans to do their session in late April in hopes of capturing the beauty of springtime in their photos. But she emailed me two weeks ago asking if I was available the first weekend in April to do their session because of some pretty intense back pain she’s been experiencing in her last few weeks of pregnancy. So we spent Saturday afternoon together hanging out at Greenbrier State Park, capturing this soon-ending season of their family. Their little guy Silas LOVED the water; throwing rocks, looking for fish, running in the sand. And even though I was technically “working” the whole time, it felt more like hanging out with a good friend, and I left refreshed and so grateful for the time to talk with Julia. She’s a GEM; full of encouraging advice and loving understanding. She’s a beautiful mother and that sweet baby in her belly is already loved so well by her, Patrick, and Silas.

Enjoy my favorites of these wonderful friends of mine!











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