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LY Families: The Buterbaughs

Some days I get up at 4:30 AM to blog, schedule posts, edit and answer emails; It’s so much better when I can fully focus on Jack and Annie when they wake, without *hoping* I can get an hour of computer time later in the day. But as of late, my sweet little Annie Kate’s been up a little before 5 AM, excited for Cheerios and mom snuggles. And while I wish I could sit here and work for hours some days…I know these little ones won’t stay little.

Needless to say, all of the blog posts I’ve had planned for the week are still unwritten…and probably won’t get written. And the writing is sometimes my favorite part of this blog (I guess that’s the Journalism major in me). But in an effort to keep sharing the work I love, my words on here will probably be fewer. But!… here’s to choosing babies over blog posts, having healthy priorities and showing myself a little grace!

It’s hard to believe I’ve known this sweet family since those two beautiful big sisters were tiny little girls! If you have the privilege of knowing the Buterbaugh family at all, then you know the love and gentleness that fills their home. I was THRILLED when Michelle asked me to photograph their sweet little boy Levi, and all that big Buterbaugh love that surrounds him! We spent a sunny Saturday morning cozied up in their home, laughing, loving on Levi, and capturing the whole thing. To sum it up…the natural light! the outfits! this FAMILY! It’s what my photographer dreams are made of. Enjoy my favorites of this beautiful family of SIX!


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