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LY Families: The Donius Family

I’ve always imagined having a big family – lots of kids close in age! However, I’ve also been really surprised at how HARD motherhood is for me. Don’t get me wrong, before having my own children, I knew it was a hard job. But I’ve always wanted to be a mommy…so it’ll be easy for me. Ha! Hardly.

But I don’t think you really know until you’re REALLY in it; the lack of sleep, the loss of self (in a sense), the loss of control. Geez, that all sounds so negative! But I’m also learning that I’m terrible at giving myself grace in this season of life. I’m still aiming for that perfectly tidy house and healthy home-cooked meals and well-dressed kids and lush vegetable gardens and well-behaved kids sharing kindly at playdates (NEVER happens..haha!) and a well-managed photography business (HA! Also never happens!).

And I’ve watched the sweet Donius family from afar grow their sweet family. I’ve practically known Jen my whole life and am so grateful that Facebook has allowed me to keep tabs on her and her family. They’ve had four beautiful children (and have five sweet babies in heaven!), moved across the country, moved back to the area, opened a Chic-fil-A…and she homeschools! Talk about Wonder-Mom! She’s amazing! And very soon they will welcome their 5th baby – another girl! And while I loved spending time getting to know her children during their session, it was the You’ve Got This, Momma! encouragement that stood out from our evening together. I’m so blessed to be a mother and SO BLESSED to have so many modeling motherhood WELL. Maybe I’ll have more kids, after all…. 😉

Enjoy my favorites of this cute family!


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