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LY Maternity: Abby + Brandon

It seems like every day I’m scrolling through Facebook seeing fresh babies or pregnancy announcements. I just LOVE this season – cheering on old high school friends as they become parents and raising my own kids alongside my friends children. It’s awesome. And this season of photography for me has totally been a reflection of this season of life: so many baby bumps!! and young families! What a treat. I just love making portraits for people to relive these sweet moments of life over and over again when the season has passed.

A few weeks ago I was wandering around Target when I received this phone call: “LAUREN! Can you guess who this is?!! Let me give you a hint: we went to school together for years! I used to hang out with your husband when we were kids!” So I started throwing out a few quick names that came to mind. After a few more guesses: “No…this is Brandon Fisher!” And after spending a few minutes doing the usual: what are you doing now? what’s new? where are you living these days? I was excited to hear that Brandon wanted me to photograph he and his beautiful wife Abby, who were expecting! I was even more excited when he asked if we could do them on their property in Waynesboro, PA (there’s just something so personal about doing a family’s pictures at their home!).

We had the best time catching up and celebrating Abby + Brandon and their sweet little peanut! Abby should be giving birth any day now and I can’t wait to hear of Baby Fisher’s arrival! Enjoy a few favorites of this beautiful Momma!


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