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LY Maternity: Becca + Mark

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this post. Although we’re in our 30s and having babies, it feels like just yesterday I was playing Barbies and Big Fat Whale (just a weird little game we made up…we were WEIRD) with this beautiful momma-t0-be. I remember when we used to sit in the pews at church playing MASH. Remember that game? With a few scratches of a pencil, we determined who we’d marry, the number of kids we would have and whether we’d live in a shack or a mansion.

And it’s funny to be at that age where all of those predictions we made way back when are unfolding! It’s both a relief and a joy to realize we both ended up pretty normal and are not living in shacks, despite the outcome of our countless games of MASH. In so many ways, however, I still feel like that middle schooler. I don’t feel responsible enough to be raising two children; I don’t feel old enough to be going to bed at 9 PM; I don’t feel mature enough to want to spend my money on a new stove. But here we are. And my oldest and dearest friend is about to become a MOMMY.

We spent a hot and humid evening at Blairs Valley Lake, and it was absolutely beautiful! Becca and Mark had a long road to pregnancy, so it [literally] fills my eyes with tears to scroll through these pictures. So much joy and anticipation! I’m so thrilled to share these pictures of my dear Becca!!! Cannot WAIT to hear of this sweet girl’s arrival!


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