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LY Seniors: Alyssa

I always joke with Seniors during their sessions that I’m so far removed from “cool” anymore. Like if a pop/rock station is on the radio when I get in the car, chances are I don’t know the singer of the song that’s playing. I also really stink at social media. Snapchat: don’t even have one. Twitter: what? Instagram: Takes me 42 minutes to write each caption because I never know what’s “cool” to say.

And high school seniors these days..they’re all so cool! Stylish, tech-savvy, witty.

My favorite things about shooting seniors is watching how they evolve through their session – especially girls! They start off a little bashful; second-guess their smiles and the annoying fake laugh I always ask of them. But as the session rolls on and I’m yelling “holy cow you NAILED THAT ONE!” or “MONEY SHOT!!” (kind of annoying, I know) and showing them quick back of camera previews…they loosen up, realize how awesome they really are (I also think I tell them 57 times “You’re AWESOME at this!!”)…and they start having fun! My hope is that they walk away from their session a little more confident in themselves than when they arrived.

My evening with Alyssa was perfection. The weather, the lighting…and this blonde beauty! Alyssa is sweet, easy to talk to, unabashed and fun. I was so thrilled that she chose ME to shoot her senior portraits..and even more thrilled with how they came out. Enjoy my favs!










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