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LY Seniors: Ellie


I have so many memories with this girl. You see, Ellie was the first of my thirteen “little cousins” (as I call them – the children of all of the adult cousins I’ve looked up to my whole life). I remember the first day I met her; and spending most of her first summer at our annual family vacation in Nags Head holding her.

But one of my favorite memories was a few years later; I was on winter break from college and drove to Arlington one weekend to stay with Ellie and the rest of her family. I decided to take 7-year-old Ellie and her younger sister Sophie to see Polar Express. I wasn’t very familiar with the area, but I was proud of myself that I got us to the movie theater on the first try without making any wrong turns. But the trip home was different: somewhere along the way, I made a wrong turn. In an effort to play it cool and not let the girls know I was lost, I kept my mouth shut. A few minutes later, Ellie chimed in from the back seat: “Lauren, when we’re driving home…the Pentagon is supposed to be on THAT side…not this side!”

That same little intelligent girl with the smart mind and kind spirit is now a beautiful, driven 17-year-old with so much ahead of her! We spent the day in Annapolis taking her senior pictures in a few of her favorite spots. It was perfect…and I may now be a little partial to bayside photoshoots. Enjoy my favorites of my beautiful LITTLE cousin, Ellie!












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