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LY Lifestyle: Mel Kay Photography

My dad is a mechanic and, growing up, I always remember hearing the jokes like “the mechanic’s car is always broken.” And while I wouldn’t go as far to say that our cars were always broken, it’s definitely safe to say that my Dad worked looong days and often nights fixing other people’s cars and trucks…so when he’d come home, the last thing he would want to do is work on our vehicles.

I’ve come to understand that saying a little more as an adult, and especially as a photographer. I LOVE photographing families together; the laughter, the hugs, the little toothless smiles. But because I’m usually filling all of my free time with photography sessions and editing, I’m TERRIBLE about taking pictures of my own kids…and equally as terrible at hiring another photographer to come take pictures of us. ALL of us. Me included.

So I was pretty pumped when this beautiful and sweet local photographer contacted me about doing a lifestyle session in her home with her and her kids. I was really excited for her…but even more excited because it definitely has motivated me to really focus on capturing my own family this year. I spent a dreary Monday morning cozied up in the Lear home with Mel, Liam and Harper; reading books, baking cookies, and exploring their beautiful acreage in Boonsboro. Melanie is kind, hospitable, laid-back and SUPER TALENTED! (Check out her work here! And give her a follow here!) Enjoy my favorites from our morning together!2017-04-10_00052017-04-10_00062017-04-10_00092017-04-10_00102017-04-10_00112017-04-10_00132017-04-10_00142017-04-10_00182017-04-10_00192017-04-10_00202017-04-10_00242017-04-10_00252017-04-10_00262017-04-10_00272017-04-10_00292017-04-10_00282017-04-10_00302017-04-10_00312017-04-10_00012017-04-10_00032017-04-10_0004

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