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LY Maternity: The Rishells

I remember how intimidated I used to get when someone would contact me inquiring about a photo session for their young family with small children. It FREAKED ME OUT because I just knew there was only so much I could do and what if I can get the kids to even sit still?!

I think I was about a year in to business when it occurred to me that photography sessions will rarely go as expected; perhaps the weather changes and, no matter what you do, you just can’t get the 2-year-old to smile. There’s so many variables and really, the only ones I ever have control over are ME and my camera. So I slowly began to shift my thinking and my approach to photographing families; from the posed, “everyone smile at me!” approach to more of an active, capturing-life-as-it’s-happening approach. And it was a game changer. I’d show up to sessions and, instead of bribing and coaxing and crossing my fingers hoping for a compliant, low-energy 4-year-old boy (do they even exist??)…I would just let kids be KIDS and boys be BOYS and photograph REAL LIFE.
And little Bradley Rishell is the perfect example of why this works so well! When Erica and I began chatting about their maternity session months ago, she’d mention here and there that she was a little concerned with how their 2-year-old, high-energy little boy would do. But their session went PERFECTLY…and mostly because Bradley just got to be Bradley. Enjoy a few favorites of this sweet family who will welcome their baby girl THIS WEEK! Yay! Congrats you guys!2017-04-25_00012017-04-25_00022017-04-25_00032017-04-25_00042017-04-25_00052017-04-25_00062017-04-25_00072017-04-25_00082017-04-25_00092017-04-25_00102017-04-25_00112017-04-25_00122017-04-25_00132017-04-25_00142017-04-25_00152017-04-25_00162017-04-25_00172017-04-25_00182017-04-25_0019

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