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LY Seniors: Caleb

It’s kind of crazy to me how busy I am these days. Granted..this IS busy season. A photographer I follow posted a quote to her Instragram the other day: “October is to photographers what April is to accountants.” NAILED IT! Because I know in 3 months I’ll be bored and thinking to myself, Welp…my days of shooting are over! I have no business coming my way! Ridiculous, I know…but that’s exactly how the slow winter months feel.

What I’m loving most about this season is the diversity of work coming my way! Weddings, families, children, maternity and seniors. I’m sure as my business grows I’m going to narrow down the type of photography I offer, but for now…I’m so grateful for everything because I’m learning so so much.

A few weeks ago I got to hang out with this awesome senior named Caleb. We bounced (literally!) around town in his beloved Jeep, talked about his senior year and his upcoming college visits. It was an especially special evening because this cool guy is my “little” cousin. And it’s so fun to be friends with him in this season of life because I remember loving all over this kid when I was his age and he was just a toddler. (I don’t want to embarrass him or anything, so I won’t share any stories about him as a little guy…like that one time I was babysitting him and he pooped in the bathtub.) He’s a big-hearted, kind and cool guy that I’m certain is destined for great things. I love ya Caleb McD! Enjoy a few favorites….













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