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LY Weddings: Second Shooting with Stephanie Dee Photography

A few weeks ago, I spent the majority of my weekend snapping pictures (and sweating like pig!) with my super-talented

LY Families: The Bergstroms!

It takes me so long to write these blog posts. It’s ridiculous, actually. But let me explain a bit… I

LY Weddings: Josh + Tyler

With each wedding I photograph, I realize more and more just how much I absolutely LOVE doing this. It feels like such

LY Newborns: Harrison Rory Jones

Every time I book a newborn session, I let the parents know to contact me as soon as the baby arrives so that we can

LY Familes: The Salas family…and Steph + Charles

We all have at least one; one of those friends that you’ll always hold close, regardless of the distance or time

LY Weddings: Second Shooting with Stephanie Dee Photography

There is so much I want to accomplish in my first year of business. Most importantly, I just want to get

Business Goals

I’m going to be honest for a minute and tell you that 90% of the time I think I’m CRAZY for starting this

LY Maternity: Tracy + Steve

This winter has been brutal. Growing up, I actually really liked winter – I loved skiing, a good snow day (to

LY Families: The Deaters

Sometimes at the end of a session, the individual’s I’ve just photographed look me in the eyes and say,

LY Families: The McDougals

I’ve mentioned before that I have a lot of cousins; some that are much older than me, some younger. When I was

LY Families: One-Year-Old Piper

You’ve probably heard me say it before, but I rarely do indoor sessions. Why? Well, I just prefer natural light.

LY Engagements: Mike + Kylee

I am so lucky to have grown up very close to my cousins. We share some pretty incredible memories – summer